The Return of Joe Ledbetter's RINGO as a BE@RBRICK! Available Online Now!

Joe Ledbetter retails his 100% Ringo Be@rbrick - previously available as part of a DCON set, and individually released at DesignerCon - now available online here for US$25.00.

Standing 2.8 inches, item comes signed. Quantity unknown.

"It was very surreal to set up this photo (seen up top) because I’ve been dreaming of designing a Bearbrick for so many years. Really, since I first stumbled across designer toys back in 2002. This is the original and premiere platform designer figure." (@joe_ledbetter)

Been a while since we've seen Ledbetter's RINGO BEAR, previously released as a vinyl toy in various colorways by the defunct Wheaty Wheat Studios back in 2007, AND a likewise coloured TEETER from Kidrobot in 2006 - What a swell return for a throwback!