LET US PREY by Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

"Trapped in a gruesome world where paper is the source of revenue and happiness, we have redesigned any “exchange” to be nothing close to a smile from a stranger. Our whispers in prayer have become those of being blessed with wealth and materials to ensure longevity and to watch over our bank accounts instead of our friends."

In collaboration with famed artist and Kidrobot Creative Director, Frank Kozik, the “Let Us Prey” Art Figure from Kidrobot since dropped online here, captures modern day greed pressed between two hopeful hands that used to pray for more than money. Non too ironically, the 10-inch tall vinyl collectible is available in a PATINA, and the Kidrobot.com exclusive BLACK & GOLD Edition, each priced at US$100, with "quantities" of either editions unmentioned.

ADDED: And a third edition has since been revealed and made available exclusively on iamretro.com, with this "Blood Edition" in a run of 100pcs, each priced at US$100 as well.

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