3D Technology Toy-Making Talk & Showcase by Mighty Jaxx at Library@Habourfront (Jan 11/2020)

Over the past Saturday, I had a a chance to attend a talk from Mighty Jaxx (presented by 3D Artists Adam Tan and Benita Lee), which showcased their 3D Technology employed in making toys (Thanks for the headsup @jessica_emmett), and came away with a series of snaps to share (*Yes, I did ask if it was okay to be shared in public) of what they are on the screen, AND the display they had, showcasing Quiccs' MERTEQ!

One particular item stood out were the ONE PIECE XXRAY figures - which will join their licensed line-up, which includes their previously released (for pre-orders) 8-inch tall "LUFFY"! Check out the coloured samples of the figures, courtesy of Jason Freeny's Insta @gummifetus!

And while I am hardly the "tech-guy" when it comes to this aspect of toy-making, it was fascinating to have had a taste of the behind-the-scenes for the making of their collectibles, especially in the usage of "3D technology".

This event was a part of the 2020 Singapore Art Week, and was a one-day only talk. But folks interested to SEE their process, can still check out the Mighty Jaxx display found at the "Learning Zone" of Library@Harbourfront (1 Harbourfront Walk #03-05), showcasing the development of @quiccs’ MERTEQ (colorway debuted and Sold Out at SINGAPORIUM 2019 in The Philippines) from drawing, to 3D prototype, to final product! Exhibits thru end-March 2020, as part of the library's "Tech Showcase".