#toynews: Toronto Red SuperKranky from Sket-One x SuperPlastic for Jan 23/2020 Release

SuperPlastic announces the impending drop online here of the "TORONTO RED SUPERKRANKY from Sket One x Toronto Collective on Thursday, January 23rd at 2pm EST. Featuring fresh kicks, rattle ball, and Collective's iconic logo on the cap, this 8-inches tall, soft vinyl is made in a run of 420pcs. Price is US$90 each.

This is the second colorway to be released after Hot Raspberry (which was priced at US$65, with a 505pcs-run).

Also note that a number of this figure was released via https://www.instagram.com/torontocollective/ in December 2019 (images here via), and unknown if they add to, or are deduced from the "420"-count announced in the newsletter, so Stay Sharp, people!

PRESS: "Created by SKET-One, Toronto Collective and Superplastic, Toronto Red Collective SuperKranky is the sickest piece around and Canada’s own vinyl history!

Pop off the cap to see the dope, super-realistic nozzle. Shake to hear it rattle!

Shoes say “THE 6IX” on the back to represent Toronto, and the Red Black and White pays homage to Canada’s colors and our Championship Toronto Raptors!

On the top of the cap you will find Collectives iconic “Spray Cap” Logo!"