HOT RASPBERRY SUPERKRANKY by Sket-One for Super Plastic for 08.2019 Drop

UPDATED: HOT RASPBERRY SUPERKRANKY by Sket One features removable cap, a super-realistic nozzle underneath, and comes with an actual rattle ball. Limited to a run of 505ps, this 8-inches tall soft vinyl figure is priced at US$65.00 per online here.

This "Hot Raspberry SuperKranky" is the first in a series of figures featuring rare, classic colors.

And while the toy-world prepares for the "Tuesday Big Drop" from Super Plastic, my attention is on the "08.2019"-drop featuring the toy-art of @sket_one on this superb looking "KRANKY" JANKY!

This SuperJanky stands 8-inches tall, in an edition of 505 made, and drops August 1st (2pm ET). Come inserted with a ball inside the figure, so when you shake it, it rattles and it'll sound like an actual spray can of paint (remember MAD's CRY-ON ANDROID for Series 3) ... not too sure it'll sound as crisp in a vinyl body tho ... Can't wait to find out!

Inspired by / based on the aerosol spray can, the (Super)Janky figure is transformed into a Cap/hat wearing street art rep, in "Hot Rasberry"! Not something we've seen from Sket-One for a minute too, besides his "Lucky Bucky" for Series 1, of course ... It would be exceedingly interesting indeed if a whole colour chart of colorway-editions were released, with matching caps and sneakers! Say, a half-dozen box of 3.5" Jankys? :)

Updates when they are revealed! Meanwhile, stay connected to Insta @superplastic :)