Introducing New Digital Influencers JANKY & GUGGIMON by Super Plastic

UPDATED BLOG FEATURE: This is it. This was the "drop" from Super Plastic - They have launched their first "celebrities", in the form of @janky and @guggimon, each wth their own dedicated Instas, complete with personality write-up and options to advertise via these "digital influencers". This isn nothing to score at, as seems they've taken over Guggimon's IG, which has nearly 59K followers! While Janky is already past 28K. Hey, I wouldn't be too surprised if eventually they release a music album! "Gorillaz" would be so proud :)

"JANKY is an LA-based virtual personality and full-time cartoon stuntman.

He catapulted to fame after falling off a float at the Pride Parade. Videos of Janky in a rainbow tunic belting out “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” while being run over by parade floats briefly went viral.

Since then he’s dreamt of becoming a wealthy social media influencer, with mixed success. Janky lives in James Franco’s old trailer, parked behind the Warner Brothers lot in LA."
"GUGGIMON is a fashion horror icon, toy artist, and mixtape producer based in Montreal, Quebec.

Guggimon has earned a cult following for his sold-out designer toys, guerrilla art pieces, and bootleg mixtapes. He collects handbags & axes and is known to binge-watch horror movies on VHS.

Rumors that Guggimon is involved in art vandalism campaigns around the Quebec capital are forcefully denied by the artist."

"Hey. It's me, Paul. Huck and I started Superplastic a year ago to make beautiful limited-edition art toys. Thanks to all of you, we're still doing it! We have a lot more toys coming (and I mean a lot!) but there's something else, too. Our biggest drop yet will be here Tuesday. Don't miss it"
Went the emailer from Super Plastic, in anticipation of its impending release on on Tuesday (9am EST?) - obviously featuring duo character figures from @guggimon - perhaps a new / non-Kickstarter edition of "Work and Play"? ...and who knows what other surprises are in-store?

...looking like a Janky-head kitbashed on a 1/6th-scaled action figure, innit? SCHWEET!