Artists' "Colouring Pages" Available Online Now

More artists, specifically "art toy"-artists as seen on TOYSREVIL's social channels - have since continued the current trend of releasing "colouring pages" of their art, in black-n-white line (VECTOR) work - from free downloads to purchasable art, and I reckon is a perfect way to showcase one's art and presence, and not need to rely on worldwide production and distributions to have their/your work to be made available, in some cases, IMHO ... Here are a few to share.

Since my previous feature, @petefowler has uploaded a few new images of his "Lockdown Colouring Pages", downloadable for free via his Dropbox - in both Digital and Print file (A4 size) formats. Not everyone has colouring materials readily available at home, and some folks work digitally more too, so this is a very swell effort! AND he is using brand new images too, so THAT is worthy of respect! I was first alerted to this trend by Mr Fowler's art, actually!

In addition to his earlier "#stayhome #washyourhands Instructional" (which I posted here), Jeremy Madl AKA @madtoydesign has made available the black-n-white line-work art of his Bentworld art too! Would love to see more added too!

Jamie Mimic Stubbs AKA @mimicdesign has a few featured on his Facebook.

Artwork featured here includes stuff I've not seen before, as well as images previously available as tee-shirt prints, and what I reckon is a swell way to share your art from before and now, IMHO.

UK-based @fluffriot shares a few select images, including fan art from other artists - which you can download higher-res versions online here!

@martian_toys has since made available for free download of their template for Quiccs' TEQ63 (*which they have been producing as a 6-inch tall vinyl toy with The Philippines' designer) via Dropbox too! This'll be a SWELL chance for fans to engage in the Bulletpunk Universe beyond buying the toys, IMHO!

I remembered when Super Plastic launched their Janky template and held a contest for it ... this would be perfect for the TEQ-format, no? I'm just spit-ballin' here ... LOL

Check out this #coloringpages hashtag on Instagram to see who else has offered what in the www...!

Japan-based artist/customizer Jeremiah Ketner (Insta @smallandround) has also made available art via his "Patreon Coloring Page"-tier at (US$5 per month) and/or his Etsy-estore!

Matt Jones is currently offering up his "Doodle Zine - Colouring Book", available to purchase online here for £6.00 (+ £7 world wide tracked shipping). The first 100 customers will be getting 2 Copies (Note only one will be signed and doodled inside), so one to use and one to keep safe. All orders get FREE Lunartik stickers

"I've been very busy over the last 5 years making doodles in my sketchbooks and I've finally found the time to scan in all the best bits in and put them into this lovely 52 page book which i call the "Doodle Zine"."

Here's some product details:
- 52 pages full of over 400 doodles
- Great for colouring in for kids!
- Signed and Doodled in by me (Matt Jones)
- Size is A5 : 148 × 210mm
- Cover paper weight 250gsm
- Inside paper weight 100gsm
- Printed on 100% recycled paper by


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