Ultraman Battles Kaiju in Singapore! The Visual Arts of MIZ

The exact moment I posted about "#Ultraman" on my Instagram (Of a SEIKO wristwatch I reeeeeeally want OMG lol), the visual arts of @miz_satoshi popped up on my IG-feed, and I am thankful to find out about his art!

Tokyo, Japan-based Satoshi "MIZ" Mizushima shoots time-lapse videos with at times using action figurines composited in, which in this particular case of Ultraman battling kaiju, with "Singapore" as the landscape!

Here are a few still shots and video to check out, and you might want to head to his Insta @miz_satoshi for more, including behind-the-scenes of how he staged and filmed his shots!

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People are driven by the glitter.

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Based on the timeline of uploads, I figured these might have been taken from when he was in Singapore four years ago, when he shot "Beyond The Lion City" - a Bridal Movie, featured below.

"This is the story of the marriage of two Japanese expats working in Singapore. They met in Singapore in mid 2012. and, They decided marry when they returned to Tokyo in end of 2014. The lion city has became a major turning point of their life."

Beyond The Lion City 赤道の摩天楼を越えて / Tatsuya & Hitomi Bridal Movie from Satoshi "MIZ" Mizushima on Vimeo.