BOUNCE RABBIT & Skateboarding Kamen Rider Bunnies by BOUNCE x Hobby Toy

Taiwan-based graffiti/street artist BOUNCE (Facebook and/or Instagram) has two "Kamen Rider"-themed collectible figure releases (featured here today) - first launched and made available at SYNTREND, 1 F Twelve Cube in Sanchuan Living Park (Started May 7th until June 2nd), and have since been made available for Interntational Collectors online via!

Also listed are caps, patches and other lifestyle goods.. but I'll focus on the TOYS in this post, thanks :)

Featured above is the 50pcs limited "Bounce Rabbit No.1" (NT$2,680 / US$89 / SG$127) and has since been listed as SOLD OUT (unsure if it's the same at the venue), but I'll showcase images of this 15cm/approx. 6" tall for (visual) archival purposes ... BUT the much smaller sized "Bounce Rabbit No.1 Skateboard Figure" (NT$650 / US$22 / SG$31) is still listed for sale, is this is swell chance to snag this 10cm/4" tall figure, which comes in a nifty clamshell blister package!


Both figures are produced by Taiwan-based Hobby Toy (under their "COSMI" / "Go Art BOUNCE" label), with incarnations of the mini figure launched at Taipei Toy Festival 2019, as well the BOUNCE RABBIT (see ads posted below).

I am guilty of not keeping tabs on the toy-works of Bounce, but when I see KAMEN RIDER"? My geekself lights up LOL

Source: MYToyHoard