NOBE from KiiCH Available Now

"They call him Nobe -- a man of the streets, born and raised. He fancies himself a ninja and is never seen without his t-shirt turned mask, crudely wrapped around his head to conceal the man within.

Unmistakably a fan of hoops, he is always clad in jersey shorts and full battle gear. He’d be wearing the latest kicks too if he could only afford them. This shinobi wannabe is always on the lookout for a quick pick up, ready to show off his handles, talk trash, and call his own fouls."

"Those who’ve played against him tell of his catlike agility, honed by years of running from the cops for petty misbehaviors. His hands possess lightning reflexes, capable of snatching the ball in the blink of an eye, almost as if he does it on the regular with wallets, watches, and cellphones."

"Not much can be said of his team game. You’d be lucky to touch the rock when you’re on the same squad, as Nobe likes to hog the ball and force the shot even against multiple hands in his face. Pulling up from way deep is part of his arsenal, and he’d rather flop his way out of a triple team than make the pass.

In his own masked head, he’s the GOAT of the streets. He may have mad love for the game, but he ain’t no Kobe."

The tee-shit wrapped around the head as a ninja-mask, totally made it for me lol ... Introducing NOBE from KiiCH Studios! Created and made in-house by @kiich.studios, this pre-painted resin figure sized 6”H x 2.25”L x 2.25”W, and coming in with stickers and Certificate of Authenticity. This Open Edition figure will be available in TWO colorway:

- Nobe "Record Breaker" (Royal Blue and Yellow) - Priced at Php3,800 / US$76.00.
- Nobe "Comeback King" (Wine and Gold) - Priced at Php3,800 / US$76.00.
- Nobe OG Double Feature - Priced at Php7,200 / US$144.00.

All above prices excluding shipping. Order online here ... and enquiries via Insta @kiich.studios.

"History tells of an epic clash in Year 2016 when a king and his underdog band of cavaliers rose up against a nigh unstoppable army of golden warriors who had just won the most battles the world has ever seen.

With the throne on the line, the war that raged was one for the ages, and had heroes from both sides battling to the very end.

Against seemingly insurmountable odds, the king rallied his men from certain defeat and blocked the golden warriors’ aspirations of conquest. In so doing, he fulfilled his promise to save the land and cemented his legacy in the annals of history."