September 28/2020 Edition of TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (The Past Week)

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#10) >>> Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Clogtwo sees the team illustrated in his MECHASOUL-style, and has since been joined by the White and Green Power Rangers, since made available to order as PRINTS online via! And YES< there IS A COMBINED RANGERS Illustration to be had!!!!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#9) >>> Oh Good Grief! Charlie Brown Big Vinyl Coming from Super7, and I have a funny feeling this'll happen during their New York Comic Con Stay at Home edition, happening October 9th (starts 9am ET) ... Stay updated via Insta @super7...!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#8) >>> The Commonwealth Exclusive Set "CRYSTAL NANOTEQ" from Quiccs X Devil Toys X Adidas was launched and since SOLD OUT ... This 3-incher is the fourth release out of the 5 official adidas NANOTEQs in the full collection.

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#7) >>> the 7-inch tall soft vinyl; BEAR GOD by ZECTRON X Unbox Industries was launched online over the weekend, and since since SOLD OUT!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#6) >>> Since the posting of GHOST OF KUROSAWA 1/6: OG (v.2) & Red Baron Edition from FLABSLAB (DM to snag yours - in Singapore only), I have posed with mine and even done an unboxing video! Cannot wait to "play" with mine...!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#5) >>> SLINGSHOT AURUM by James Jean X Avant Arte with exact release date as yet revealed! Further product info in blogpost-linked, cheers.

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#4) >>> Custom Previews for Klav x Moyo opened it's gallery doors on September 25th, with artwork since listed via - including canvas and prints!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#3) >>> Pascal Blanche's KLAW, THE SPACE RAVAGER Revealed! Pre-orders via @houseofgog begins October 2nd!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#2) >>> New GID ANATOMA STRANGER from Flawtoys since SOLD OUT! *CLICK HERE to view ALL FLAWTOYS releases featured on TOYSREVIL, and stay connected to his Insta @flawtoys for updates!

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#1) >>> ADVENTURE KARTEL returns when Underverse Resurrects Ashley Wood's FIGHTING JC, since scheduled for a Sept 30th release via + the UV Taobao Store. Product deets in blogpost-linked, cheers.
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