Your Compassion Keeps our Passions Alive (Oct 16-18)

"As we continue to wage war against the pandemic, our healthcare workers are not only saving thousands of lives, they are also allowing us to keep our passion for toymaking alive. As a gesture of our gratitude, we are holding an online Art Toy exhibit and auction where 40% of the proceeds will be used to buy N95 masks for the Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation through the Department of Medicine of the Philippine General Hospital. This is our simple and humble way of saying thanks for letting us continue to pursue our love for our craft."

Introducing "Your Compassion Keeps our Passions Alive" - with this 3-Day online fundraiser since launched October 16th (4m PST), with a series of live ZOOM activities, as hosted by Toy Art Philippine's Demi Marya.

The CUSTOM COLLECTIBLES are made available in three primary parts: "Gallery", "Auction Batch 1" and "Auction Batch 2". Folks interested can check in to THIS dedicated Facebook page (*Click on "DISCUSSION" to view/bid/purchase/enquire).

Available in the "GALLERY" are custom available for direct sales (no need to bid for them), started October 16 (7pm) and is scheduled to end October 18th at 11pm. Featured below are the awesomeness available for your purchasing pleasures! Do check in with Insta @jan_calleja with your wants and interests.

Customs for AUCTION Batch #1 were released October 16th, with bids ending October 17th at 11pm. Featured below was what were made available! And while I have been using "past tense" to describe these items (as my blogpost came a little later than designated time) as the auction has "technically" ended, but maybe you might want to try your luck and bug the organizers for availability still...? Heh :p

Custom one-offs for AUCTION BATCH #2 has just been launched, with bids ending October 18 (11pm). Featured below is what's available now...! Good luck with you bids, folks!