THE ROOSTER (Prototype) from Urban Devil Spotted at Taipei Toy Festival 2020 (Nov 20-22)

Currently on display at the annual Taipei Toy Festival 2020 is the (unpainted) prototype for "THE ROOSTER" AKA "DEVIL ROBOT" from Taiwan-based PepperJerry AKA Urban Devil!

"THE ROOSTER" is essentially a mecha-robot with a "Urban Devil Pilot" sat inside the figure (with a removable helmet/head). You can see him at The One & INFINITY TOY & counter656 (Booth A07, A08, A09), flanked by his two 6-inch tall URBAN DEVIL Editions, from November 20th to 22nd!

Expect a release planned for early 2021. Meanwhile do also stay connected to Insta @urbandevilrock for more updates!

WHO IS THE ROOSTER: "The Rooster is a member of the Urban Devil little devil family. When using spells to fight against each other with the messy dirty angel Amura Amura, the little devil who only loves rock music can only play a half-toned demon ability. Too often self-defeating, the little devil who has been beaten has to summon the most evil demon robot cock in Happy Hell to be the gunman, enter the demon pentagram cockpit and control the demon robot cock to solve the magical fight with the dirty angel PK incident, and derived a series of hilarious stories." (Google Translated from Chinese text below)

"The Rooster 大公雞為 Urban Devil 小惡魔家族的一員,在與大麻煩骯髒天使 Amura 阿姆拉使用法術互相打鬧 PK 時,滿腦子只熱愛搖滾樂的小惡魔只能發揮半調子的惡魔能力,也太常弄巧成拙,一直被挨打的小惡魔只好召喚快樂地獄中最邪惡的惡魔機器人大公雞來當槍手,進入惡魔五芒星駕駛艙內並操控惡魔機器人大公雞來解決與骯髒天使的法術打鬧 PK 事件,並衍生出一連串爆笑故事。"

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