QUBO by MGNG (for pre-orders now)

Russia-based graphic designer, illustrator and creator of the lifestyle+hype brand MGNG®, Igor Ilyin shares with TOYSREVIL the toynews of his first designer toy "QUOBO", since launched and available for pre-orders online via qubo.tilda.ws01!

Sized 16cm tall, this resin figure (Produced by a factory in Guangzhou, China) is in an edition of only 50pcs, each priced at US$70 per. Pre-orders end "January 5th" 2021, tho...!

Seen from the promo videos featured here, "QUBO" looks to be a "platform"-styled figure series - inspired by LEGO mini figures and Kubircks - encompassing other character skin designs as well! The headsup stated: "All parts are collapsible", which more likely means the parts are "interchangeable" too? NICE if that be the case, methinks!

Stay connected to his Insta @mgngworks for updates and more!

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