DKE TOYS Archive Auction

DKE Toys is currently auctioning off a serious line-up of collectibles - many of which are familiar to me, especially as they were released in parallel to my blogging about them, in the early days of TOYSREVIL-blog. There are TONS of awesomeness I would die to add to my collection of archival pieces of toy-history, and are indeed literal ERAs of toy history, but alas, not in my toylifetime...

Make your way to to relish a serious serving of Western toy-history, IMHO. Auctions has begun and will end March 4th, at 1PM Central. Featured here are a selection of images, and as well the press release.

"The DKE Toys Archive Auction is set to make history as master collector Dov Kelemer presents the world’s first stand-alone sale of collectible toys from dozens of creators.

The DKE Toys Archive event is filled with prized works created from 2000 to today, alongside toys in other mediums. Its breadth only reflects Kelemer’s wish to give fellow collectors access to the hobby’s most sought-after works – among them 2002’s Invasion Kit #1: Albinos by Invader, which is considered a seminal piece by street-art collectors.

"Each of the 160 lots offered in this online event is a coveted highlight among collectors,” Kelemer says, “and includes some of the most renowned artists working in the scene.”"
(All images via Heritage Auctions,