The 6th Prince / Lost Cause / Book One from Argonaut Resins releases Feb26

If you have followed my features on Argonaut Resins on this blog thru the years, you'd have witnessed the various collectible creations by Eric Nocella Diaz ... and come February 26th, he will be embarking on a brand new evolution of his creations...

"I finally got the publishing arm for Argonaut Resins up and running with the first graphic novel in the Tuttz book series called The 6th Prince featuring the infamous Tuttz cat character. I've been wanting to tell the Tuttz story for years and it took a while to develop all the concept art, write out the story and execute the final look of the project," shared Eric Nocella Diaz. "There are 5 books planned in this series and some limited run resin collectibles are being developed based on some of the characters and vehicles in the stories."

The first graphic novel will be available to purchase on at 9pm EST on February 26th. Each book will come with a free full color 8.5x11 MotherGoddess art print illustrated by Eric Nocella and colored by Julian Aguilera.

"Cats, Witches and Demi-Gods battle for survival and supremacy
when they cross paths in this spooky mythological space opera."

"The 6th Prince / Lost Cause / Book One" is created and written by Eric Nocella (Copyright 2019 / All rights reserved). Sized 7 x 10 inches / Landscaped format / 68 pages / full color covers / black and white interiors / US$12.99 / US$5.00 (shipped in the US).