ThunderCats ULTIMATES! ThunderTank from Super7 For Pre-orders Now!

Ok, so I've been trying to post about this product for some time now, since it's launch for pre-orders, but never had the chance to ... until Brian Flynn's "ThunderTank Vehicle Walk Through"-video had gotten me in a tizzy! Still can't afford jack tho, but YOU maybe could?

"Measuring 27” long- that’s over TWO FEET!- and 17” wide, the ULTIMATES! ThunderTank can carry up to six ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figures! You can fit four original ThunderTanks inside the ULTIMATES! version!"

Head to to snag yours for US$450, with an expected delivery of Q1 2022. This link is for U.S. orders only though ... you might want to check out their list of International Partners here. The ThunderTank pre-order will be open until Friday, April, 2, 2021.

Also listed is the previously released LION-O and PANTHRO ULTIMATES! figures (each priced at US$45 per)! MUMM-RA can be had for US$60, but I don't really see him cruising witt the ThunderTank tho :p

I don't know about you folks, but its a glorious time to be collecting toys now! ... if only I could afford them tho ... then there's news of Super7 doing SILVERHAWKS too? OMFG......