TINY ART GALLERY: "Art of Tea 2" from Matt Jones (Feb 25 Release)

Matt Jones introduces us to "Tiny Art Gallery", with its first project titled "Art of Tea 2", since scheduled for a Thursday February 25th release to the general public, afternoon at 3pmGMT Tea Time. Let's take a closer look, shall we?
"Matt Jones who owns Lunartik.com and has a Berlin based Art Gallery and is best known for making “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea” vinyl figures, is now back with a new concept and a family of 12 tiny art sculptures. 

“If I can’t open my gallery doors to the public due to Covid 19 restrictions. I shall bring the gallery experience home to you!” Matt Jones 2021"

"Back in 2012 he made 18 custom cups of tea called “The Art of Tea”. These pieces were tiny cups of tea with miniature paint brushes resting inside them sitting on hand painted plinths. They were sold out instantly from his website to his hard core fans! In 2020, Matt picked up the project again, and has plans to build up a small collection of tiny art objects to delight his fan base and hard core collectors worldwide."

"The “Art of Tea 2” is a remake of the first piece back in 2012, but this time it’s loaded with extra little details. Matt offers the choice of 3 colour ways with this piece, all of the cups are poured to order.

There will be 35 cups available at a reasonable price of £70 each from Matt’s website. Each piece is put together by hand, Matt has spent 2 months making of the project to get it just right with a touch of finesse. "

Art of Tea 2 Designer Details:
The weighty solid beachwood plinth size: 120 x 60 x 60mm
Each cup stands 35mm tall from base to the tip of the brush
A limited edition run of 35 signed & numbered pieces
A choice of paint brush tip colour
Certificate of Authentication
Each cup is hand poured to perfection by Matt himself
Price is £70 each + Tracked Shipping

NOTE: Please choose a coloured brush tip!

Art of Tea 2 Sales Page
Full of info and the images of the making