One week ago today, TOYSREVIL had officially gone dark - specifically the blog (which you are reading right now), for when my Mac desktop quite literally could only "blink" at me, and unable to launch, effectively cut me off from updating the TOYSREVIL-blog via said desktop.


A mid-week mishap perhaps exacerbated the underlying problems. The coffee spill unto the keyboard probably did not help. I frantically scrambled to seek an alternative (local repair guy mentioned a shitty keyboard could not affect my desktop tho :p), and amidst my panic, I'd cleaned up a OLD keyboard (while watching Wonder Woman 1984), and used that for a day until "The Blink".

A day before "The Blink" (Yes, I am riffing off Engame :p), there was zero audio. Upon checking my desktop, my "Internal Speakers" did not exist. My iTunes froze when I attempted to play my saved songs. Videos on YouTube continued to play though, but there was zero audio.

Reactions were slowed down, activities seemed to go on like "slow-mo", and somewhat flickered. Instructions were not completed in full, and the mouse seemed more sensitive that usual. I should have taken these as a "sign" and downloaded all that I had needed. There were multiple google checks to finds out what went "wrong", and needless to say, I have since a bagful of "first hand experience" for when a Mac goes to sh*t...!

All this was not "new", alas. The desktop suffered what would be deemed a "major technical pause" back in October 2020, when multiple problems persisted, and where kind donations from friends and folks enabled me to repair (but unable to purchase a new laptop as I had hoped to), but with a given timeline to the eventual decline of said desktop, which turned out to be decently "accurate", sadly.


Since October last year, I had been diligently backing up both my online and offline life (pictures, videos and words) ... but alas, I lapsed earlier this year, the result being me holding tight still to the now-dead-desktop, hoping to fund a recovery of data when I am able to (and not because I am a "hoarder" :p).  But for the time being the focus is on "rebuilding", and adapting to the current mode and situation, and be able to effective, moving forward...!

As naive as I had been, I remained "hopeful" of pulling through, with backing up both my offline and online life on my desktop to hard-drives, and clearing everything else until the essentials remained on my desktop, which had survived since 2012 (and even then was purchase 2nd-hand from a year of pre-use too) ... For all intents and purposes, it certainly survived long enough, what with my daily usage for bloggery, image management, image archival, and video editing. Perhaps lasting that long was due to my absolute lack of downloading and saving movies, or even video games.

EDITED: I had initially typed out multiple problems I'd faced during this time, but also realised it was my own burden to bear and resolve, so do permit me to save you all the read (other than the whining I have exposed y'all to thus far :p)...

Quite frankly, all these issues had begun to wear me down. Celebrating the 16th Anniversary of the TOYSREVIL-blog in February earlier this year was bittersweet - THIS were all I had worked hard towards, and am facing daily?

And then "The Blink" happened, and I scrambled to enable my mobile phone for most of my essentials. Contrary to current civilisation, I do not necessarily live off and operate my online life via my phone, relying near everything on the desktop, primarily due to my vision, since affected by my Stroke in 2010.

I scrambled to offer up a small line-up of my collectibles for sale (there is a whole lot more not necessarily within my immediate grasp too), and thanks to a few folks, I was able to scrap up some funds. Given the timeline and opportunity jnow, I will slowly migrate the items over to my bigcartel eShop.

Every dollar counted towards what I was able to afford, and I did not have a specific model in mind, except that it would have needed to be a Apple (I am absolutelty horrid with PC), and a laptop would have been achiveable, versus another desktop...

I started a BUY ME A COFFEE Page (Thanks for the reminder, Jade @mumbot!), where I accepted donations and offered up Monthly and Year Subscriptions, and promoted extensively on my socials, but not on this blog, which remained dark during the past week(ish).
"...And here I am, knee-deep frantic and feeling kinda helpless, as my desktop is essentially D.O.A., sitting silent beside me now, somehow mocking me with it’s black-screen, a faint reflection of my said-frantic self looking longingly back at the lil’sh*t, who sits silently still. I would’ve taken a selfie to post here, if I weren’t so pathetically wearing a sweat-stained singlet, but that’s just a post-Sunday Monday-look anyways...

After years (the TOYSREVIL-Blog celebrated it’s 16th blogerversary in February just) of resisting asking for help, here I am humbly seeking help in: (A) funds with acquiring a new laptop (I seriously doubt I can afford a new desktop, so a refurbished Apple lappie will do, thanks)... and if all goes well, (B) Be able to sustain a semblance of a livelihood by continuing blogging on TOYSREVIL, and maintains my socials - all of which I do myself."
(March 22.2021 on

This is the first time I am mentioning this here, and as well have provided clickable buttons linked to my BUY ME AN COFFEE page, and PayPal (""), for your kind considerations and continued support.


From donations, to toy-purchases, added with remaining donations from 2020 (after the "servicing/repair"), I was able to commit to a refurbished MacBook Pro from my local, delivered to my doorstep within a couple of days, and here I am typing the keys, and able to click PUBLISH this post you are reading right now.

(Read above entry in full HERE on (Dated: March 24.2021)

The resp[onse had been phenomenal, and I am sincerely humbled and grateful. As of March 24.2021, TOYSREVIL was (officially) up and running again ... This is able to happen because of YOU folks. THANK YOU WIN @winsatrya (of @museumoftoys) . BOB @plaseebo_bobconge . KORENA @wootbearbelly . 김진수 @8.eighty_eight.8 . KIRBY @rotofugi . NATE @bearbrains . RICHARD @richpage . JESSICA @jessica_emmett . PAUL @hollowthreat . MATTHEW @kidakira . JADE @mumbot . DAVID @david_lawrence_lim . ZAKANE . CINDY . STEPHANIE @244_bones . SEN . SCOTT @notthatvinyl . MARTIN @martinhsuart . HUDY @hudy724 . TIEN @tw.ei . DAVID @rundmbvinyl. JAMIE @mimicdesign . 1985 . ALYSSA @KennerSeaWees . TOM @lifeisterrible_toys . GARY @ttcbeard . SEBASTIEN @superdeux . MARCOS @somestrangethingstoys . YANICK @beans_and_bacon . JACK @vinylpulse . CRAIG @kokeshi_clan . EDWARD @drawdelow . SERGEY @sergeysafonov . SONSAWAN @mossyjanny . KRISTY @kristykitsune . JAVIER @javierjimenezxl . LIAM @barakaslam . SIMON EDWARDS @riseofthemonkeys . BENNY @tenacioustoys . DANIEL @thedanielyu . CORY @strangecattoys . JIAN SHEN @jian . MIRANDA @cluttermagazine . DOUG @kaiju_sommelier ... and thank you for your purchases NATHAN @_bubblewrapp_ . EDMUND @velvetshern . ALEX @mr_kustom . SEBASTIAN @seb.monr ~ (List as of March 28.2021).

In the coming days, I will attempt to get back in the groove of bloggery, while at the same time rebuild all that has since been lost in the now-dead-desktop, which sits silently on the desk I have been blogging from for the past few years ... Things may not go back to the way they had been though, as I attempt to find a way to both sustain my continued bloggery attempts, and the ability to productively execute what I am capable of now, with a diminished eye-sight problem now resurfacing, while looking at a smaller screen ... but there be angels out there, thankfully watching over, and I am blessed and remain grateful...!

THANK YOU for your continued support of, and love shown for TOYSREVIL!
Have a wonderful toy-day ahead!

Cheers and Have a fabulous toy-day ahead!


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