Tristan Eaton Launches The Avengers Fine Art Print Series on April 16

Tristan Eaton Launches The Avengers Fine Art Print Series, featuring HULK, THOR, MS. MARVEL, BLACK WIDOW, CAPTAIN AMERICA and IRON MAN! Sized 18" x 26", these are officially licensed! A online release is scheduled for availability from April 16th (@ 12PM PST) via

Tristan Eaton Hulk
Tristan Eaton Thor
Tristan Eaton Ms Marvel

EACH print is priced at US$500, or the entire SET of 6 for US$2,500. (Limit 2 per order/household *NOT FOR RESALE). Each one comes with a signed holographic certificate of authenticity, signed Fine Art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm archival cotton, and embossed metallic sticker with BONUS custom Avenger sticker.

Tristan Eaton Black Widow
Tristan Eaton Captain America
Tristan Eaton Iron Man

PRESS: "We are thrilled to announce Tristan Eaton’s new global licensing agreement to the Marvel Universe - making him one of few artists sanctioned to create and sell Fine Art prints of Marvel characters. As a dedicated fan of the franchise, these prints are the first drop in what is sure to be a series of highly coveted representations of some of the most popular characters in history, bringing the artistry of Marvel into a collectors’ market."

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