Custom STAR SKULL by Markingboy for "Return of the Ron English Re:imagined II" at Clutter Gallery (Opens June 12)

Mark Steven Ong AKA @markingboy shares with us images of his one-of-one custom on Ron English's "STAR SKULL", titled "S.S.N.Y.C. : Secret Society of New York City" - to be apart of group art show "Return of the Ron English Re:imagined II" at Clutter Gallery, opening June 12th, 2021. I'll let the images and slideshow video do the talking instead, while you can CLICK HERE to view more of Mark's toy-art feature on TOYSREVIL...!

Mark brings us along on a journey thru the various levels of the architectural psyche, with a Victorian aesthetic and steampunk spirit infused within bone and soul... Monochromatic with it's presentation, an implosive rainbow treat in my minds eye, IMHO. This is spectacular.

"The Secret Society of New York City (SSNYC) was first annexed by Sir Tiberius Dreamer months before he was killed. It is located somewhere in Brooklyn near the bridge hidden inside a series of nondescript brownstones. Movement in and out is usually through direct access to the river or subway, but some members prefer to drive - Air travel however is strictly limited to special night missions only.

The Clubhouse as these hidden Locations are referred to worldwide is a state of the art facility used primarily for Experimental Research, Development and Membership assembly; but they it is also known to have interrogation, detention and torture chambers - but their existence is officially denied.

Rats are however, a chronic problem."