UNBOX IN BLACK @ AMAZ Gallery (June 8-17) & What Collectibles To Look Out For...!

"Tee Or-Or, Bey Lor Hor" = translates to "Sky Black-Black, It's Going To Rain" (in Hokkien), which in my ideal toy-collecting dreams. I would be collecting all BLACK colorway of toys ... and when Unbox launched "Unbox In Black", oh man, was I riveted for a minute!

The exhibition in question is held physically at AMAZ Gallery in Hong Kong (from June 8th thru June 17th), with a line-up of Unbox-products IN BLACK since scheduled for release in-store. Artists/Designers and classic characters include Abao, Chubbyman, Sanrio, Spongebob, Jimdreams, and RealxHead.

Mentioned: "Unbox E-shop will reserve a small amount of inventory for overseas guests to purchase and details will be announced after the Unbox In Black exhibition." I'll recommend you stay connected to their Insta @unboxindustries, if you have not already :)

Here is the "Product Release Schedule", and do scroll thru for what has since been revealed! You've got to squint your eyes just a little thought, as the products are snapped against black backgrounds (unlike the CHUBBY CHEEKS line-up above lol):

Munaikuma > 8th June
Winson Ma x Mazinger Z > 8th June Pre order
Chubbi Cheeks Family > 8th June
SANRIO Pochacco > 8th June
SANRIO Ahiru no Pekkle > 8th June
SANRIO Keroppi > 8th June
Abao Raabit XL > 9th June
Abao Dede > 9th June
Abao Memi > 9th June
Chubbyman > 10th June
SANRIO Monkichi > 11th June
SANRIO Hangyodon > 11th June
SANRIO Minna no tabo > 11th June
TMNT x RealxHead > 11th June
SPONGEBOB x Chubbi Chunk > 12th June
Maguro x Elfie Burger > 12th June

ABOVE: "Winson Ma x Mazinger Z" soft vinyl figure is priced at HKD$1180 per, coming in housed in a printed box. Releasing June 8th, this will be a presale, with an expected ship in September.

ABOVE: "Chubbi Cheeks - Ronald & Friends" feature the line-up of 4 X soft vinyl figures priced at HK$380, coming in housed in a printed box. Releasing June 8th on-site.

ABOVE: This line-up of ABAO's characters certainly has me excited! Both DEDE (4.5") and MEMI (4.5") soft vinyl figures will be released June 9th at 7pm, priced HK$460 and HK$480 respectively. Bagged with header card. PERFECT in BLACK, as far as I am concerned...!

ABOVE: Introducing the "Raabiit XL", with this 8-inch tall resin figure in a run of 2opcs, each priced at HK$1,680, coming in housed in a printed box. Release is also scheduled for June 9th from 7pm...!

In the ideal toy-world, I'd be in-line to snag them ALL in a single go!!!!

SANRIO character figures are sized between 3.5" to 5", with these soft vinyl figures released in different dates+times, and in different prices too -ranging between HK$350 and HK$450 each. All poly-bagged with header card.

June 8th-Release:
ANRIO Pochacco (PC狗 - HKD 450)
SANRIO Ahiru no Pekkle (AP鴨 - HKD 450)
SANRIO Keroppi (青蛙 - HKD 350)
JUne 12th-Release
SANRIO Monkichi (馬騮 - HKD 450)
SANRIO Hangyodon (水怪 - HKD 450)
SANRIO Minna no tabo (大口仔 - HKD 450)

ABOVE: HELPLESS BEAR soft vinyl from @munaikuma> includes an Original (HK$100) and Dinosaur (HK$120) versions.

So WHO ELSE is missing on this line-up so far, as yet revealed? :p

Amaz By Lokianno / AMAZ Gallery is a retail shop located at Causeway Bay, 53 Peterson Street, Hong Kong). Opening hours are 12:00 noon - 20:00. Their socials include: Instagram + Facebook. Good luck with your purchases, folks!