"UNSETTLE" T9G solo exhibition @ Little Hut Gallery (Sept 3-19)

"Unsettle" is the name of Japanese artist T9G's solo show at Little Hut Gallery in Taiwan, scheduled to open Saturday September 3rd, 2021, exhibiting thru Sunday Sept 19th.

The show will feature his news paintings, custom works, edition sculptures and exclusive vinyls.

Visiting the gallery / attendance will be via Raffle ("to prevent chaotic circumstances"), with exhibition tickets of September 4th and 5th. Folks interested top visit are to fill up this Google online form, with lottery winners will be notified only through email contacts.

There will be 12 different time sessions for consumers a day on September 4th and 5th. Winners please follow the email instructions and visit the show on time. Raffle ends at Sep 1st 20:00 (GMT+8). Winners will be able to visit the exhibition in person, and purchase items on show.

Exhibition will be free entry after September 6th.

Featured above are images of what piece are to expect, including his new MECHA RANGEAS! Showcased below however, were releases meant for Pop Toy Show (hosted by Pop Mart), but a visual reference of said Mecha Rangeas in various (blank) colorways.

Updates via Insta @thelittlehutco
Address: No. 1, Lane 62, Yanji St, Da’an District, Taipei City, 台湾 106.