"DEATH TURNS FLIRTY" by Marcos Lorenzo (SomeStrangeThings)

"In these times of Corona, conflict and uncertainlty, there is no doubt that there is still someone on whom our attention continually falls. Or rather, to whom we are drawing attention every day: and that is THE DEATH.

The Obskure DEATH TURNS FLIRTY is here to remind us of how we continuously play with THE DEATH every day, every time we get on our motorbike drunk or take a selfie on the edge of the cliff, or so many actions we daily do.

It's not that we worship her, it's that WE'RE FLIRTING WITH THE DEATH."

Been a hot minute since we've heard from Marcos Lorenzo AKA SomeStrangeThings, and he's been through tough & trying times,, but has since come out the other side with this brand new One-Of-A-Kind Art Toy Sculpture titled "DEATH TURNS FLIRTY", adapting his "Obskure" character creation.

DEATH TURNS FLIRTY from Marcos Lorenzo 2
DEATH TURNS FLIRTY from Marcos Lorenzo 3

Sized (approx) 355mm / 14 inches tall, this hand-painted resin & plastics body features metal parts and fake gold tooth, and comes housed in a wood coffin box - available here for 425,00€.

"I really did DEATH TURNS FLIRTY one year ago for the EXPOTOYSBCN show during one of the corona waves, when lot of people were continuously flirting with the death just for intrascendent stuff like having a beer at night. And she remained unpublished all this time. Now it’s on sale. Hope you like it and thanks for your attention."


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