GORILLAZ Blind Box Series from Super Plastic (Drops Nov 19)

After a series of large(r) sized figure releases, Super Plastic has teased incoming new GORILLAZ-drop, this time as BLIND BOX FIGURES! Sized 4-inches tall, 18 basic figures to collect, including "6 X rare alternate colorways".

Seen here are renders for Bonesy, Mike Monkey, in addition to different incarnations of 2D, Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle, with this series unleashed in honor of their 20th Anniversary!

COMMENTARY: And while Super Plastic is not new to the "blind box" game, as they've since released 3 x Series of JANKY (I've only ever purchased a small line-up of Series 1 and ), and a brand new KRANKY Series, butt there were based on "platform" figures, while in the case pf this new Gorillaz BB series, there are new sculpted forms (with the exception of colorway adaptations), so this is yet another step forward in the game for Super Plastic! And do not ever doubt that I want ALL of these figures, thanks!

Sort yourselves on November 19th from 12:30 PM ET online via superplastic.co. A single blind box pull is US$17, while a Case of 12 is US$180. You can also pre-order via store.gorillaz.com, which has a BB listed for £15 (for a 25/2/2022 release).



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