MINION & CHROME DUMPSTER FIRE for Black Friday Drops by Kidrobot

Kidrobot has released for preorders a couple of choice collectibles this Black Friday, featuring a licensed character and a gilded favourite...!

KIDROBOT PRESS: "The adorably unintelligible Minions are back for another adventure in 2022 with Minions: The Rise of Gru. To celebrate the occasion, Kidrobot brings to life this exclusive new 8" Minion Anatomy Art Figure, Black and Gold colorway with pre-orders for Black Friday 2021. Coming 2022 from Kidrobot.". (Available here for US$100 / Quantity unknown).

The details on the gold grills! Dude, if the final piece'll look as awesome as these renders, this is choice stuff! Very nicely done!

KIDROBOT PRESS: "This Chrome Edition Dumpster Fire collectible is like the hood ornament of the speeding car that is modern life. Shiny, sleek, reflective chrome. Going places fast. Still a box of trash on fire. Based on the popular gif and pin by 100% Soft, this Kidrobot x 100% Soft Dumpster Fire Chrome Edition vinyl collectible is a Black Friday Exclusive (Extremely limited quantities available for pre-order on Estimated shipping Q2 2022)." (Available here for US$40 /Quantity unknown).

Do we really need a CHROME Dumpster Fire? Well, if you look into it and see yourself being reflected back, HELL YEAH! LOL ... If only this was in GOLD CHROME though, it'll be like "trophy" you give yourself, or gift some one else, who've "survived the year", innit? #IDEA

C'mon, we all deserve participation trophies for the past year ... well, those of us who deserved it anyways ... :)


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