KID IN A CAT COSTUME by ChrisRWK (For Jan 16 Drop)

"Before the robot there was "the kid in a cat costume". ~ shared ChrisRWK. "Back in the 90’s I would draw a lot of animal characters and kids in animal costumes. The one I drew and painted the most was "the kid in a cat costume". Well that’s what everyone called him. He never had a name. Just the obvious description. Over the years he would pop in and out of my work. In most recent years I would revisit the idea more and more."

"It’s incredible to see him in 3D form. It’s truly humbling to have my first vinyl toy out. Especially with 2 of the best toy companies out there, Strangecat toys and UVD toys.". (

Introducing the KID IN A CAT COSTUME vinyl toy, with this 5-inch tall figure in a run of 100pcs (this OG colorway), launching January 16th (@ 12pm EST_ online via Produced by Strangecat Toys & UVD Toys, each priced at US$75.00.

The figure first greeted the public back in 2021, for Strangecat Toys' "Super Spooky Oh So Scary, Well It’s Not That Scary, It’s Mostly Cute But Still Spooky…HALLOWEEN SHOW"! (Images below)


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