Michael Lau for Blanko Block Party

When I received the emailer for the first BLANKO release from Michael Lau, I was hesitant as I do not focus on NFTs (with whatever little knowledge I have and presented thus far for) ... then I received a SECOND headsup, which had gotten be intrigued, but for what awaits Michale Lau-collectors who could enter the NFT marketplace beyond a "one-and-done"-release, IMHO. But first, let's start at the beginning...!

"Box B" was the first Blanko to be released. Dropped December 20, 2021, each priced at US$99.99 or 10000 Blanko Bucks, with tokenization since ended. Here's a video to watch, including gameplay moving visuals. You can read more of the product's press release here.

The next release from Crazysmiles X Mythical Games has been revealed to be "SQUARE" (Image revealed below), with this character being the 2nd of three of the Gardener Series to be unleashed! Limited to 1859 mints, SQUARE will be available for US$114.99 or 11,500 Blanko Bucks, dropping Wednesday, January 26th at 3pm Pacific / 23:00 UTC in blankos.com and in-game. "This Blanko is not available for MashUP."

Accessories: "As with the previous Michael Lau Blanko, Box B, this Blanko comes equipped with two unique, exclusive accessories. These accessories are a chain bracelet and a chain belt." (Read more here)

I wonder who'll be the THIRD BLANKO? While going thru my "Michael Lau"-tag on TOYSREVIL, I'd been reacquainted with one of my key toy-heroes before and now ...! And my vote for the third Blanko is "MISS" (Images below via trampt.com) from his CRAZY CHILDREN series! But could well be "TATTOO" or or the bearded "BRIAN", maybe even "MAXX", the more recognisable "Michael Lau characters"...?


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