Super7's MUMMY BOY Gets Upsized!

I don't know what they're feeding the toys down at Super7, but the results are ginormous! With the upsized MUMMY BOY now as tall as a pre-schooler! Stay tuned for further product and availability details!

UPDATED: Standing 16-inches tall, the poseable Supersize figure features vinyl construction with blue paint detail and a glow-in-the-dark body (!). Priced at US$195.00 per, available now via

Designed by @brianflynn, my very first feature on TOYSREVIL of Super7's mascot was in 2008!

@super7 are no strangers to larger sized collectibles, with PEANUTS' "BIG VINYL" versions of Franklin, Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

It's honestly gratifying somewhat to see their own creation getting this upsized treatment, especially for a figure I'd wished I'd gotten all these years (but have not), especially so when I was looking for a "in-hand" photo of the regular sized MUMMY BOY...! Here's hoping we'll get to see a regular sized Mummy Boy standing right next to the Upsized version :)


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