DKE Toys @ San Diego Comic Con 2022 (July 20-24)

DKE Toys will be exhibiting at the coning San Diego Comic Con 2022 (July 20-24), with a return to an "in-person event"! The DKE Toys booth (#2643) will be set up at the San Diego Convention Center. "No DKE warehouse, no Zoom, just Dov back in the booth."

BUT, before that happens, exclusives for the show'll be put online FIRST via pn Friday July 15th at Noon Pacific! "Anything not sold out may be temporarily taken off the site to go to the live show starting on July 20th. And anything left over will go back on the site when we return...Catch Dov a few minutes before noon on Instagram LIVE to kick off the online sale and answer any questions."

In addition to a mini art show, DKE will have over 30 exclusive releases, which TOYSREVIL'll be previewing in the following days!

ABOVE: "The Seventh Dimensional Swindle: Beast" by Scott Wilkowski x Suckadelic feature hand-casted 3.75" scale carded resin figures, in a signed and numbered editions of 50pcs, each priced at US$100.

ABOVE: The latest incarnation of "The Great Showdowns" by Scott C. is in a signed and numbered edition of 100, each priced at US$100. Features a hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded resin figure set (with figures sculpted by Dave Bondi).

ABOVE: "Artoo-Berry" by Yoyodyne Toy Division with Tim McDonald features a hand cast and painted 3.75" carded resin figure in custom cereal box. In a signed and numbered edition of 30, each priced at US$100. Comes with accessories.

ABOVE: "Wampunks" by Edwin Salas will be in a signed and numbered edition of only 10 X hand carved and painted 3.75" wooden figure on hand painted card back. Price is US$80 per.

Stay updated via Insta @dketoys.


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