FELIX THE CAT X RUINSWORK (for Universal Designer Gallery)

Spotted these on @ruinswork but have hardly any links to share, besides video and images, for this glorious release for "Universal Designer Gallery", featuring "Felix The Cat" via the design of RUINSWORK!

This is the first release from this collaborative project with Universal, which includes @jtstudio_official's interpretation of "Child's Play" CHUCKY as a 1/6th-scaled figure (I'll share more info as I find them and figure them out, thanks), ala FELIX THE CAT, seen here sized 12-inches tall! This piece looks so premium, it hurts so GOODE!

The total run of the FELIX THE CAT figure is 300 pieces/units.
Availability is via two locales/dates:

DROP#1: Universal Pictures Tmall Flagship Store via detail.tmall.com, where 50pcs will be made available via Lottery, application started July 1st and ended July 7th.

DROP#2: RUINSWORK official Taobao shop @ ruinswork.taobao.com, where 250pcs will be made available in "random batches" from 20:00-21:00 on July 7th (I'm not going to pretend I understand the details, sorry :p).

Pre-sale price for both instances are 2580RMB (approx US$385 / SG$539) with a Deposit of 1000RMB requested. Seeing as the dates have lapsed (at time of my blogpost), consider this "info reference" for any secondary-market availability, cheers.

BONUS: Illustrations by 番薯 featuring FELIX and his giant robot cat figure (weibo.com)!


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