20th Anniversary CHUM Release from KAWS

UPDATED: You have yet another chance at this "Open Edition" of KAWS CHUM, if you are a "Japan resident", that is...! August 20th release via MEDICOM TOY PLUS. DETAILS HERE.

"I can remember clearly packing and shipping the first CHUM release
from my apartment in Brooklyn twenty years ago."

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, KAWS will be making available "CHUM" online via KAWSONE on Tuesday August 9th at 12:00pm (Noon) Eastern Daylight Time.

Five colorways to be had: YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK, PINK and ORANGE. Sized 11.6 x 7.7 x 3.5 inches, each VINYL figure is pried at US$280 per. No specific quantities revealed. Happy Toy Hunting, folks!

The first incarnation of the vinyl CHUM was released in 2002, with the 33cm / 13" tall figure coming packed in a plastic tray housed in a printed plastic bag. I've only ever once seen the figure up close (in a exhibition by Jahan of 360* Toy Group) but never held it in my hands, whoich I kick myself for til this day.

On the TOYSREVIL-blog, I had featured the KEYCHAINS incarnations circa 2009 (here / here), and subsequently the "Michelin Man"-inspired figure in a different pose, released as "WHAT PARTY" (in 2020 / SRP: ¥28,800 including tax), and later as part of KAWS FAMILY in colored, black and pinks.

And 20 years later, KAWS collectors can experience the CHUM figures again, this time housed in a printed box (if the below IG-image is any indication)... though I wonder if the OG-release will get a resurgence in value, or otherwise? Or if there'll be any sudden "warehouse finds" to help nudge the toy-hunt...?


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