Purple Rain Special Release of Gerald Okamura "Man of Many Weapons" by Mark Nagata (of Max ToyCo)

I am a simple man, with simple pop culture references lighting my darkened path in my simple life, sometimes visually, sometimes sonically ... so when the words "Purple Rain" pop up, immediately the lyrics from Prince's song will echo thru my soundscape ... BUT THIS IS NOT the song...

Introducing the Special Release of "Purple Rain" (Man of Many Weapons) Japanese Sofubi from artist Mark Nagata of @maxtoyco, with this 5 inch tall figure coming in with a special mini print.

Online release via maxtoyco.com on Wednesday August 10th. I'll attempt to update with EXACT TIME, QUANTITY and PRICING PER, cheers.

Oh, you didn't get my Prince-reference? Permit me to share ... Welcome to my world :)

The above clip is from the 1984 feature film "Purple Rain", and as Prince mentioned, the song was written by Wendy and Lisa (A duo I had loved since their 1987 debut album "Wendy and Lisa"), with the OST one of key albums of my Soundtrack To Life (Full album listen HERE).


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