BEETLEJUICE GRUM REAPER for Halloween (Timed) Release

You don't need to evoke his name "three times" to be able to get your hands on "Beetlejuice Grum Reapur" from Grum Reapur, for when these drop Friday 30th September 00.01 (GMT) online via

Sized 7cm x 7cm x 6.5cm, this Polyurethane Resin hand-casted and hand-painted GRUM will be priced at £66.60, and will come with stickers (subject to availability). Edition Size will be based on the LIMITED TIME RELEASE, from 1st October to 31st October. Stay connected for updates:

"10% of sales from this Grum Reapur will go towards supporting Norfolk based mental health charity Julian Support,". (Find out more here).

Brad/Grum grew up loving the earlier Tim Burton films and his work has definitely been influenced by him over the years, planting a seed of the macabre in the mind, so when the Grums (the self chosen name of his collectors and followers) asked him to make a Beetlejuice Grum for this years Halloween release he was a little bit overjoyed, why hadn’t he done this before? Brad set about sculpting the piece by absolutely destroying one of the blanks, tearing away the hood to make way for Beetlejuices crazy hair, before letting the epoxy clay dry and beginning the painting process. Utilising layers of acrylic, inkwash and Culture Hustles Black 2.0 to bring the little dude to life, before getting the quintessential layers of varnish down to protect the careful paintjob, all in all around 7-8 hours of sculpting and painting to bring him out of the deadworld he usually inhabits, even though it would be easier to say his name 3 times to summon him.


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