DesignerCon Through the Years

In anticipation of the upcoming "2022 Edition" of DesignerCon (November 18-20), comes a promo video showcasing "DesignerCon's Growth Through The Years" (watch below), with which I've added CLICKABLE LINKS to TOYSREVIL's blog-coverage of the annual event as well, cheers.

The "DesignerCon" we now know of started toy-life as "Vinyl Toy Network" (then organised by the folks from October Toys / Toy Break), and I've only managed to cover the event starting 2007, until being rebranded as "DesignerCon" starting 2009, and subsequently helmed by Ben Goretsky of 3D Retro, and have continued my online coverage til now, I am proud to say (Missing only One Year tho ... reason given below :p). Featured below are clickable links to coverage on TOYSREVIL, cheers.

>>> Vinyl Toy Network 2007
>>> Vinyl Toy Network 2008
>>> DesignerCon 2009

"DesignerCon 2010" happened Saturday, November 20th, and wondered what happened with a serious lack of coverage that (while searching thru my blog), before I remembered I was recovering in hospital still for Stroke that year! Oops? These were the closest I could muster, cheers :p

>>> DesignerCon 2011 (*Entire year of mostly missing images because Flickr fkd up)
>>> DesignerCon 2012 (*Entire year of missing images because Flickr fkd up)
>>> DesignerCon 2013
>>> DesignerCon 2014
>>> DesignerCon 2015
>>> DesignerCon 2016
>>> DesignerCon 2017
>>> DesignerCon 2018
>>> DesignerCon 2019
>>> (Virtual) DesignerCon 2020 >>> 2021
>>> DesignerCon 2022 (November 18-20)


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