"HONMONO TAIKETSU // K.FROG" from Fools Paradise

Why are there so many songs about rainbows? It's never easy being green, is it? But here we are, and here we will make a connection to our past passions and future toylife...

Introducing "HONMONO TAIKETSU // K.FROG" from Fools Paradise since launched for online order via @foolsparadisetoys's eShop.

Each (approx) 275mm tall Vinyl+PVC figure priced at US$310 + US$60 (global shipping / FREE SHIPPING Zones: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia). This is designated "Made to order", with an approx ship on 2nd Quarter of 2023

This release is the latest luxury wrist-watch X pop culture character-themed collectible from their "HONMONO TAIKETSU" line, which you can find out WHO they've been thus far by CLICKING HERE, cheers.

And if you still couldn't catch my cheesy intro, then enjoy the following MV featuring Kermit The Frog with his evergreen hit...!


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