THE ART OF DEVILROBOTS EXHIBITION presented by BLAXK by ActionCity with DEVILROBOTS (Nov 26, 2022 - Feb 5, 2023)

DEVILROBOTS will be coming to our sunny island shores, with The Art of DEVILROBOTS exhibition presented by BLAXK by ActionCity. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of DEVILROBOTS, This exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday, 26 November 2022, na exhibiting thru to Sunday, 5 February 2023.

Featured below is a direct reproduction of the press release, for your reading reference, as well shared HERE on FACEBOOK is the entire Catalog of Artwork and Toys to be had (no prices revealed tho), as well seen at the bottom of this post are a glimpse at the "collectible toys" available, cheers.

Stay tuned for further event updates, cheers.

Established in 1997 and based in Tokyo, DEVILROBOTS is a design team known for their definitive range of characters, art toys and artworks, as well as for their graphics, audio-visuals, websites, CD jackets, apparel, and more! Their taste has a mix of a little evil and robotic fun, resulting in an original world of cute and dark, with their most famous character, To-Fu Oyako, gaining worldwide recognition and following.

DEVILROBOTS has collaborated with global brands such as Bandai, Coca-Cola, Levis, Medicom Toy, MoMA Design Store, Nike, Nokia, Paul Smith, Kidrobot, and others – all featuring the studio’s major characters including To-Fu Oyako, evirob, BOXY, MIMILA, maffy and KIIRO to name a few.

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of DEVILROBOTS

THE ART OF DEVILROBOTS exhibition puts together a comprehensive collection of original artworks, collectible art prints and exclusive art toys to celebrate the iconic characters and amusing art which has created a strong following of fans and collectors worldwide. All paintings in this exhibition were led and painted by the Art Director of DEVILROBOTS, Mr. Shinichiro Kitai (“Shin”).

Original DEVILROBOTS Artworks In Singapore

THE ART OF DEVILROBOTS exhibition comprises of more than 40 artworks, specially created by DEVILROBOTS to commemorate its 25th anniversary milestone. This includes the original hand-drawn sketches specially flew in from Japan to Singapore by Shin, offering a firsthand experience of the studio to visitors from these seldom-seen-before manuscripts.

Beyond these priceless sketches which are not available for sale, the exhibition will also showcase an exciting collection of 25 pieces of hand-painted DEVILROBOTS original artworks by Shin, offering collectors the golden opportunity to own one of them.

These canvas paintings pay tribute to the muse for DEVILROBOTS’ art – especially iconic characters such as the To-Fu Oyako as well as evirob and BOXY.
At the same time, to commemorate the 25th anniversary exhibition, DEVILROBOTS specially created only one original drawing – “DR 25th Anniversary”.

Adding to the art collection showcase, there are a total of 7 MURART digital art prints with 25 editions each. MURART (“Mural + Art”) refers to the next level of art-print production, using specialised paper made from the material of Japanese traditional wall, which allows the resulting art print to resemble real art drawn directly on the wall. Among the most interesting prints displayed include the popular spoof series of To-Fu Oyako, as DEVILROBOTS spoofs world-famous paintings such as "The Scream" and "Girl with a Pearl Earring" with cheeky To-Fu Oyako characters.

Exclusive DEVILROBOTS Collectibles for Singapore

Together with BLAXK by ActionCity, DEVILROBOTS produced a special series of art toys to mark this milestone exhibition in Singapore. A very limited number of event-exclusive To-Fu Oyako and evirob 5” sofubi (vinyl) figures casted in a special black-marble colourway – reminiscent of BLAXK’s signature gallery setup – will be launched exclusively at the exhibition.

DEVILROBOTS will also be releasing a ‘Artist Custom Colours series’ of 5

These are specially-painted evirob 5” vinyl figures, with each unique colourway designed by Shin and then meticulously painted on. The ‘Artist Custom Colours’ evirob figures are limited only to 30 pieces across 5 colourways.

To further mark this 25th anniversary exhibition in Singapore, the studio has specifically created 3 unique Merlion To-Fu Oyako 10” vinyl figures, each being one-of-a-kind custom colour designed by the artist.

In conjunction with the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, DEVILROBOTS is also releasing their unique ‘Rabbit Kaiju’ character MIMILA in 5” vinyl figures in 2 exclusive 25th anniversary colourways, each highly limited in numbers as well.

Beyond the various limited and highly-exclusive vinyl figures to be launched at THE ART OF DEVILROBOTS exhibition, there will be a large collection of other DEVILROBOTS collectibles available for collectors – including the highly sought-after vintage original To-Fu Oyako 100% Kubrick figure that goes all the way back to 2002. As the design journey of DEVILROBOTS started with To-Fu Oyako Kubrick, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the team invited Medicom Toy of Japan to reboot the classic To-Fu Oyako 400% Kubrick set. This new version of Mother and Son To-Fu Kubricks showcasing at the exhibition retain the original ratio of the figures from more than 20 years ago, but have smiling expressions to reflect the rising optimism of this year instead of the usual worried look.

Celebrating 25 Years of DEVILROBOTS’ Art

DEVILROBOTS has introduced many local collectors into the world of Japanese designer art toys, with their most popular To-Fu Oyako and evirob characters gaining a huge international audience.

THE ART OF DEVILROBOTS exhibition marks the 25th anniversary milestone for this iconic brand and proudly displays the world's first Okan To-Fu Oyako 2000% Kubrick standing at 1.4m tall. Visitors can also look forward to receiving other event-exclusive premiums including postcards, autographed blank To-Fu Oyako minifigures and many more.


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