BANCHO TEQ63 Interscholastic Assembly of Extracurricular Activities Custom Exhibition 2023 @ DES'PLAY (Opens March 25)


Introducing the "BANCHO TEQ63 Interscholastic Assembly of Extracurricular Activities Custom Exhibition 2023", where a selection of international artists were invited to customise a Blank BANCHO TEQ63 vinyl figure, with the resulting one-offs to go on display at DE'sPLAY in Kowloon, Hong Kong, opening March 25th, and exhibiting thru April 1st, 2023. Of course these'll be available for your purchasing considerations (Do check in with @desplaytoys for availability and pricing).

Evoking the delinquent school boys in customised uniforms from Japan's past, it would be "fun" to see who "fights" who! My media-memories are of immediately of CROWS ZERO films, so this is a fun kick, as well brings a smile to my geek/sub-culture loving heart, cheers.

EVENT PRESS: 'Following the success of the SARU exhibition, we are very honored to announce that QUICCS personal exhibition "BANCHO TEQ 63" CUSTOM exhibition will be hold in Hong Kong starting this Saturday.
The event will display over 30 pieces of custommade BANCHO TEQ 63 by artists from all over the world, and QUICCS will come to the venue to sign for everyone.
Exhibition-exclusive limited edition items will also be launched during the event./

Meanwhile, featured here are WIPs and finished pieces to gawk at and plan your toy-buying monies for...!


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