MODERN GAL MOMO from Underverse

The latest MODERN GAL 1/6-scaled figure from Underverse has been revealed to be "MOMO", to be available for PREORDER starting 10:00AM China Timezone on March 30th online via!

MODERN GALS MOMO will be available for US$235 (Price Includes Worldwide Shipping), and I'll attempt to update further product details when they exist. Meanwhile, enjoy the animated film of MOMO's and YUMA ZIYA's monster hunting adventures! And the reason why MOMO has YUMA's rifle... :)

"Something is wrong in the subway tunnels of Desert Sea. Witnesses report entities are possessing the population at their weakest moment transforming them into monsters. The danger is increasing and the Modern Gals are here to eliminate the chaos."

(Part 2 Incoming)

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