Bruckaroni's Chubby Ghost Candy Dispensers for Rainbow Sparkles VII & Mark of the Feast

TOYNEWS SUBMISSION: David Bruck AKA @bruckaroni sends toy word of his contributions to 2 shows opening this Saturday, Sept 30th ... let's have a closer look, shall we?

3 all new 1 of 1 Chubby Ghost Candy Dispensers have been created for They Came From Planet Rainbow Sparkles VII show @ Clutter Gallery (Beacon, NY), opening Saturday, September 30th!

Chubby Ghost Candy Dispenser: Slimer Edition @ $100 Chubby Ghost Candy Dispenser: Boo Berry Edition @ $120 All pieces are sized 4.5" tall, made of Resin, Magic Sculpt, Plastic, Acrylic Paint, PEZ Candy

1/1 Edition "Chubby Ghost Candy Dispenser: Grimace Edition" will be apart of "Mark of the Feast show" presented by Ghost Fox Toys at El Paso Community Foundation Gallery located in Art Space El Paso Lofts in El Paso, TX! This show also opens Saturday, September 30th! Price is $120 and it's 4.5” and made of Resin, Magic Sculpt, Plastic, Acrylic Paint, PEZ Candy.

"I’ve been a PEZ collector for 20+ years and have always wanted my own characters on a PEZ dispenser. It was also important to me that these are actual functioning candy dispensers. While they work, they are resin and hand-painted, so it should be treated as a collector’s item and not be used to eat candy. Future variations of these design may exist someday, but this exact design will not be created again.". (
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