Video Walk-Thru for POP TOY SHOW SINGAPORE 2023

And while chaos ensued at yesterday's opening of the first Pop Mart storefront in Thailand, it's been a coupla weeks since the POP TOY SHOW SINGAPORE ended, and I am still editing videos and images of my coverage!

Be that as it may, here's a (re)look at my booth tour / walk-thru videos...

I filmed the above on Instagram-Live (n September 8th) as I literally walked into the convention hall at MBS for the (recently concluded Sept 8-10) POP TOY SHOW SINGAPORE, featuring over 38-minutes' worth of muddy-visuals (apologies for my wretched phone camera), and dodgy narration, not to mention audio recording, which was immediately flagged when I posted unto my reels, a copyright claimed, no doubt due to the music being played in the background (from the main stage), which I truly B.S., but moving on, I've since downloaded and posted unto my YouTube, as-is, for folks to enjoy my muddy visuals and horrid audio, thankyewverymuch LOL

ALSO featured below are excepts/edited clips of specific booths, for folks who want to focus on, instead of sitting thru 38+minutes' worth, but still with the same visuals and audio, cheers.

No "designer toys" here, but undoubtably a visual specatacle at every convention: XM Studios' booth! This time focusing on Transformers and Ultraman!

It is with huge regret I never did return to film the ZCWO-booth, much less a dedicated focus on Fools Paradise collectibles, which I have incessantly posted about on TOYSREVIL, but very rarely, if at all, see them "in-person" ...

I've since returned to the SOLID TOYS booth for still images (look for a dedicated blogpost for that, cheers), and managed to grab a couple of goodies too, including a HALO HALO Blind Box, and a blister-carded resin figure (More on that soon).

Regrettably, I'd never gone back to film a video walk-thru for the ActionCity booth, nor the B@E@RBRICKS booth (Yes, I am many "regrets" for PTS, but I am after all only one-guy with a dodgy phone-camera :p)...

And I DID return to film a "proper" booth walk-thru for Alex Solis' booth (WATCH HERE)! Ironically I had not shaken his hands nor introduced myself/TOYSREVIL, as both times he was busy with someone/something else, and I never want to impose myself...

I might add more to the list, but even I am affected by the muddy resolutions OMG :p

THANK YOU ALL for watching anyways, and do hit up the TOYSREVIL YouTube channel for updates, and do also consider SUBSCRIBING for more!

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