Flipping Through My Comicbook Hoard (Season 1)

I "started" a new throwback series, where I excavate my (over/nearly) 2-decades-old comicbook collection, and show them off on Insta-Live, and currently uploaded unto my YouTube and showcased below (YT-videos allows you to pause or choose which point to watch, which IG-videos do not, unfortunately).

There are 4 X Videos in total for "Season 1", which essentially works out to the "first stack" in my cupboard (seen image up top). I have no concrete plans to continue with the next stack of comics, back for the sheer lack of "interest" from viewers - which essentially means I could still film these, but it'll not be on a fixed scheduled/timeline, if I knew folks are anticipating it. We'll see ... :)

[ Above video watchable here on Instagram ]

In each video, I flip thru a random pull of a stack of comicbooks from my hoard, and commentate on my personal impressions, featuring assorted titles, predominantly from the large-90s to early-2000s?

FYI: None of these titles are (intentionally) for sale (not yet, anyways), with

[ Above video watchable here on Instagram ]

I've recently gotten access to my hoard, and do what I've wanted to for the past few years - to showcase my hoard to my readers, so essentially my collection do not sit idle, and take up space "just because", and hence I am able to self-justify their existence! And maybe sell a copy or three while I'm at it, not gonna lie ... but it might take a while before they'll be ready, so ... Meanwhile, any enquiries to email direct: "toysreviler[at]gmail.com", cheers.

[ Above video watchable here on Instagram ]

Honestly though, "comic books" was such a HUGE part of my life, even before TOYS, and was instrumental in shaping me growing up (some might argue I've "not grown up at all", and I will not fight you on this :p) ... and another huge aspect now in my life, is looking for "inspiration", and instead of just relying on "the future", I want to be able to look back into my "past" as well... seeing that they already surround me, so why not?

And honestly, I have a whole lot more comic books than I have toys, so one will last much, much longer than the other LOL

[ Above video watchable here on Instagram ]

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