Unboxing & Toy Review of "LOONG PRESENTS THE TREASURE SERIES" from Pop Mart

Against my better judgement (hur-hur), I grabbed 3 X blind boxes of "LOONG PRESENTS THE TREASURE SERIES" from Pop Mart, in a bid to (A) Celebrate the New Year of The Dragon 2024, (B) Attempting to remain somewhat "relevant" by grabbing these figures, when all I wanted was HIRONO (hur-hur), and (C) My backside itchy ... now thinking I could've grabbed a few more PEACH RIOT, or even get more HELLO NORI... BUT, here we are! Scroll thru top see what I got, cheers.

ABOVE: Time-lapsed Sped Up Unboxing Blind Box #1
BELOW: Unboxing review video for Box #2 & #3
(Also watchable on Instagram Reels)

FINAL VERDICT: I am jazzed I managed to pull a HIRONO, otherwise the fondness is not strong for this series, which as I mentioned, was meant for the sakes of "celebrating" the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, cheers.

Gotta hand it to Pop Mart for producing such a themed series tho. I am sure there are plenty of collectors out there who appreciated this series deeper than I had. One thing to add: The prism cards are splendid, on a much thicker card-stock too! I have never been too convinced by the cards that accompany the blind box (starting from the days of BE@RBRICKS), which helps identify the figure and artist yes, but hardly any "value" besides, IMHO. Bit this round...? #NICE

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