1/6 ASHTRO AGENT Editions from Underverse

Underverse has revealed two versions of their ASHTRO AGENT 1/6th-action figure, with DUO BRONZE and UNO Editions since scheduled for a pre-order March 30th at 10:00AM China Timezone / March 29th at 19:00PM Pacific Timezone at Underverse.com!

Designed by Ashley Wood, featuring the aesthetically interpretation of the creator himself (collectors know this character since 3A Toys-days, methinks), each edition is USD$175 per (Price Includes Worldwide Shipping), and will be each limited to 300 Worldwide.

"Ashtro Agents appear to take place of the vanished ASHTRO LADS, with the WOMM forces seemingly on the rise, convincing all that the Muse are dead and that their cold soulless ways are the new future. Only the Agents stand in their way. There are many Agents with many specialties, from drawing sigils, to shooting an atom in half. Agents are the last defense against the WOMM... Wave Of Metal Mutilation incase you have forgotten..."

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