KRUSH THE KAN from Mr Mars Studio X Tenacious Toys

Introducing "KRUSH THE KAN" from @mrmarsstudios, with this being his first ever vinyl multiple! Sized 5-inches tall, this vinyl collectible was produced by @tenacioustoys, with the first drop in 3 X DIY colorways (white, black, and glow in the dark), happening March 29th, at 5pm Mountain Time / 7pm EST) via &

WHITE - LE of 300pcs (US$60 each)
BLACK - LE of 100pcs (US$70 each)
GID - LE of 100pcs (US$80 each)

The GID colorway is an edition of 100pcs, with 1/3 of those have been set aside for a special "Krush Kapsule Collection" at US$200 each unit (Consisting of 3 X Krush Editions + a t-shirt + a 9X9" print illustrated by @itscokelikethedrink + a sticker pack). Also note that the Kapsule Collection will only be sold for 1 week, so stay sharp!

The first Krush custom show will take place live on Whatnot during Whatnotcon on April 11th at 1PM EST. Read more here. Participating artists include:

* Rock Ink Toys - @rockinktoys on IG
* GlassINK - on IG
* GrimlyToys - @grimlytoys on IG
* Sketch (J Colon) - @sketchcc_customs on IG
* Bethany Saldaña - @bsaldana316 on IG
* Inktuce - @inktuce on IG
* EVILGHOSTY - @evilghosty on IG
* Sneak - @sneak_ecloud on IG
* DXE - @dxestudios on IG
* Cardiartist - @cardiartist on IG
* Ando - @prettygoodposters on IG

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