#TOYSREVILTOYNEWS: May 18, 2024 Edition

The figures first made their debut at Thailand Toy Expo 2024, now made available online, cheers.

Since their debut at Thailand Toy Expo, 2 new Classicbot Minis are heading online to classicbot.com/store from Tuesday May 21st (at 20:00 New York time / See times listed below).

Made by @inscape_studio, they are each sized 5.4cm tall, with both the Happy Classicbot Mini and the Classicbot Mini Yellowed edition limited to 30pcs each (for the launch), and are perfect matches to the first Classicbot Mini (Reviewed & loved on TOYSREVIL). Stay updated via , cheers.

"The Happy Classicbot Mini brings the iconic Happy Mac icon to life, while the Classicbot Mini Yellowed edition adds a vintage touch with its unique yellowed plastic finish. But hurry - we've only got 30 pieces available for each style during our launch event! And that's not all - during the launch, enjoy a special 30% discount on our standard size Happy Classicbot and Classicbot Ver. 1.5. Complete your Classicbot family today!"


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