#TOYSREVILTOYNEWS: May 24, 2024 Edition

SuperPlastic combines the DISSECTED (AKA exposed internal organs and skeletal anatomy) & the MELTED aesthetics, with the result being one of my favouritest incarnation of their JANKY & GUGGIMON / LIL'HELPERS collectibles thus far! #WANT #NEED

Hong Kong artist Tik Ka's brand Tik Ka From East had partnered with toy brand ZCWO in 2020 to launch the "Trend" series, which featured the crossing over of classic Chinese period / fictional historic icons with current urban fashion, with the result thus far being releases of "關 GUAN", "飛 FEI" and "亮 LIANG(LIGHT)" ... they are now joined by the 4th character in the series: "Lu Bu"!

"Lu Bu" is known as the first strong general of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (and the 2nd release after "亮" seen in embed below, cheers). His crest iconology includes a "red rabbit in the horse".

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