a guide to knowing your transformers animated characters and toys

admittedly i had my "fears" of the Transformers Animated-series when i first saw the trailers ... but now that i've seen the toys? (even in design/prototype-form) = im getting hella excited LOL

presenting my "handy" "Guide To Knowing Your Transformers Animated Characters and Toys" - with images and descriptions 'scoured' thru the www (can't believe i spent 2 days doing this LOL); for those who might be interested, yeh? altho it might be old news to Transfans, tis new to me and ima surprisingly enjoying what i see before me - any and all additional info and links would be very much appreciated, as i intend to update this list as i go along - thanks!

"Set on earth in a futuristic-Detroit (manufacturing industry being robots instead of cars), alien Transformers are thrust into a world populated by humans and automatons. As visitors to earth, the Autobots (Optimus Prime, BumbleBee, Prowl, Bulkhead, Ratchet) work in the human world, interacting with the natives." [via]




AUTOBOT-DESCRIPTION: OPTIMUS PRIME is a young commander of the Autobots. He's a born leader who is humble, fearless, and friendly. Armed witha rocket-powered laser axe, Prime knows how to handle himself in battle. [description via]
Cybertronian mode = stylized Truck - with face shield up and face shield down (toys)
Earth mode Prime will have trailer, sometimes with, sometimes without. has blue lips (LOL).
UPDATE 13.11.07: OPTIMUS PRIME (2 auctions: here and here)
UPDATED 15.12.07: Carded Images of Optimus Prime [via/via] = more detailed images HERE
UPDATED 16.12.07: Optimus Prime Voyager-Class [via/via] = more detailed images HERE

AUTOBOT-DESCRIPTION: BUMBLEBEE is the youngest and least mature of the Autobots. He's a bit of a showoff and always acts on impulse. The fastest of the Autobots, Bumblebee is always rushing into situations without thinking. [description via]
[resembles classic VW-look, human-friendly ... can see there's going to be a bigger push for this figure, judging from his (over)-exposure in the "trailer", IMHO :p]
UPDATE 13.11.07: BUMBLEBEE (2 auctions: here and here)
UPDATED 08.01.08: TFW2005 board-member Joopsta reviews the Transformers Animated Deluxe Bumblebee, including transformation-pics [mirrored HERE / all original uncropped hi-res images via/here]

AUTOBOT-DESCRIPTION: Designed for demolition, BULKHEAD is a one-bot wrecking crew. He's great in battle, but sometimes Bulkhead doesn't know his own strength. He may look like one mean machine, but he's really a softy at heart. [description via]
- big strong guy, similar to Fantastic Four's The Thing ... has big wrecking ball.
another big lumbering lug everybody's gonna lurve, IMHO :p
added: 25.08.07 found on ebay: Voyager Bulkhead Test Shot
added: 27.08.07 clearer protoype-pics = read more HERE
added: 06.09.07 Bulkhead-testshot reviewed + image gallery @ Transformertoys.UK
[read more HERE]
added: GREY-testshot on ebay [images mirrored here :)

UPDATE 13.11.07: OD-Green Voyager-Class Bulkhead (sample) on auction [more images here]

AUTOBOT-DESCRIPTION: Silent and stealthy, PROWL prefers to let his actions do the talking. He's a natural spy that can infiltrate any location unseen and unheard. Prowl's jump jets allow him short bursts of flight. [description via] ... is into kung fu, into "nature", the resident ninja-character.
added: 2.11.07
[peeped via Ebay - read more HERE]
UPDATE 13.11.07: PROWL (auction)
UPDATE 19.11.07: another Prowl auction [blogged]
UPDATED 08.01.08: TFW2005 board-member Glitch reviews Animated Prowl including transformation pics [mirrored HERE / all original uncropped hi-res images via/here]

AUTOBOT-DESCRIPTION: RATCHET Is short-tempered, grizzled and seemingly older than the AllSpark itself. Ratchet is the team's medic. He may be an expert healer, but his bedside manner is a bit rusty. [description via] (Ambulance)
- the Medic of the team and the most seasoned Autobot, and is the only one who's been in legitimate combat, leader, bold personality.

- very true to his Generation 1 look, two other dinobots will be appearing - "they are three crazy dudes" - so far we get to see SLAG:


added: 23.09.07 Decepticons revealed on cover of TCC#17 [read more here]

UPDATE 19.11.07: Screengrabbed Decepticons [more HERE]

DECEPTICON-DESCRIPTION: MEGATRON is the ruthless leader of the Decepticons. He demands unquestioning loyalty from those who serve him. Armed with a destructive fusion cannon, Megatron takes pleasure in the suffering of the Autobots. [description via]
- Cybertronian mode - fusion cannon intact, will look completely different by the end of the series
UPDATED: 22.08.07
UPDATED: 12.09.07 leaked partial Megatron-headshot and spoiler [read here for more]
UPDATED 15.12.07: Megatron testshot on ebay [via] = more images HERE
UPDATE 07.01.08: new images of MEGATRON-testshot posted HERE [including image-credits / via AllSpark]

DECEPTICON-DESCRIPTION: Megatron's scheming second-in-command would like nothing better than to take control of the Decepticons. STARSCREAM's powerful nullray cannons and incredible speed make him a dangerous opponent. [description via] ... sleek Jet, forward-swept wings, in G1 colors
added 21.09.07: Starscream testshot via TFW2005
added 4.11.07: multiple-shots of Voyager Class Starscream Testshot [reviewed on+all images via / click here to read more]
UPDATE 07.01.08: new images of STARSCREAM-testshot (in both detailed Decepticon and Alt Mode) posted HERE [inclusive image-credits / via TFW2005]

BLITZWING: a triplechanger (in G1 colors), has a split personality, will have different faces (like Man-E-Faces from He-Man)
added 21.09.07: Blitzwing screen-pic via

Decepticon-Bio: LUGNUT is more a force of nature than a DECEPTICON. MEGATRON’s fiercely loyal but none-too-bright attack dog. He would gladly follow his leader into the depths of hell. Of the DECEPTICONS, only LUGNUT refuses to believe that MEGATRON is gone for good. When we first meet him, LUGNUT has devoted his life to preserving his beloved leader’s memory and vanquishing his foes. LUGNUT deems himself and any other DECEPTICON unworthy to take the mantle of leadership. Personality-wise, LUGNUT comes across as a cross between a pit bull, a Klingon and a manic street preacher.
Robot Mode Power: LUGNUT is incredibly strong, the Hulk to BULKHEAD’s Thing. He also carries a payload of mega-bombs and can spew liquid napalm with laser-like accuracy. But he much prefers to rip things apart with his bare hands.
Vehicle Mode Appearance: Supersonic Bomber. [description via]
- a new character, like Incredible Hulk, devoted servant of Megatron, over the top, purple and green, missiles for hands, resembles Cybertron Jetfire alt mode (to me he's the equivalent of Blackout in movie, IMHO)
UPDATED 16.12.07: Lugnut-proto on ebay [via/illo via] = more images HERE

- TM2 colors - different origin story, starts out as a different character, very complicated villian, you will care for her ... (i reckon tis the Scorpornok-equivalent, IMHO) looks to be the only female-Transformer thus far, innit?

Decepticon-Bio: LOCKDOWN is sleek stealth fighter, a skilled hunter and tracker who can blend into nearly any environment. He lives for the hunt and for the thrill and challenge it provides. He has no strong allegiance to MEGATRON or the DECEPTICONS, but is more than willing to hire himself out as a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter.
Robot Mode Power: LOCKDOWN is outfitted with all kinds of high-tech weaponry befitting a robot hunter – bolos, snare nets, electronic stun darts (which can prevent mode changes), etc. He also can go into a Predator-like stealth mode for brief periods.
Vehicle Mode Appearance: Muscle Car. [Lockdown bio-description via]
UPDATE 13.11.07: LOCKDOWN (auction)
UPDATE 19.11.07: another Lockdown auction [blogged]
UPDATED 15.12.07: LOCKDOWN transformation on [details HERE]

SOUNDWAVE: no description currently, but from the images, he rawks with an electric guitar!!! and it turns into Laserbeak/Lazerbeak! *swoon*

:: HUMANS ::
- Captain Fanzone (police chief), Sari and her father Isaac Sumdac.
Sari's interaction is nothing like what's been done in the past three shows - no annoying kid telling robots what to do, Autobots looking to her to learn about Earth, she is also a bit of an outcast.

- there were 4 Human villains shown - one is the Angry Archer, some can run fast, some can spew acid, etc (toys to come, no doubt :p)

- The Ark = grey, gold, burgundy - heavily G1-inspired
- The Nemesis = similar to the original, more angular, DWARFS the Ark

- all descriptions paraphrased from
- toy-prototype images via
- Megatron Book-cover image via Amazon
- tip-off via
- SDCC Prime and Prowl images via
- Bumblebee and Optimus Prime toy-images via Shortpacked@LJ :)
- screengrabs (sorry about the coloring tho :p) from this youtubed SDCC'07-trailer:
added: new animated-teaser 02.11.07 [read more HERE]

seen @ SDCC 2007:

if you have any new info or images you'd like to share with everyone,
do feel free to email me at toysrevil [at] - thanks!


cribba said...

whoa, some of those are the best transformers designs i have ever seen. i like how they are somewhat extreme in their appearance.

bulkhead, lugnut and grimlock are cool as hell :D

waraijj said...

read somewhere soundwave's guitar transforms to laserbeak! :)

toysrevil said...

waraijj/Jason = thanks for the tip-off, dude! :))))

trimmtrabb said...

Anyone have any idea what size the toys are?

toysrevil said...

i was wondering the same thing, trimmtrabb ... anyone? :)))

Shockticon Pvt. Massani said...

any idea what TFA shockwave will look like? i must know...

missgoldenweek said...

actually, if I'm not wrong, there will be arcee too (, although I'm not sure whether there will be a toy for her (although I would love to see one).

Billy Tan said...

omg! u've been gizmodoed!!

Anonymous said...

holy crap! i want every one of those toys! are they the actual toys there or just concept models? whoa. i want them either way.

Anonymous said...

"looks to be the only female-Transformer thus far, innit?"

I hope you don't mean ever. Lets not forget about Arcee

toysrevil said...

cheers for the tip, missgoldenweek! will keep a lookout for her - actually, i might've seen a toy-figure of her on the regualr Trans-boards, around the tail-end of the movie, but not from the Animated-series tho ... :p

but yeh, i reckon they would need at the very least, ONE femme-Transformer, yeh?

Billy = yep, them folks have been very kind to me so far ... but they think tis a buncha bloggers on my blog when tis only me ... so i should be happy :))) hkekekeke

GIZMODO-RAWKS! (and not just becoz they featured me LOL)

Anonymous = concept or actual, i just hope they retain as close to what i've featured here, unless tis better! somehow i have a omnious feeling "colors" might just make them look less attractive, as compared to the all-grey proto-types/testshots tho ... hhhhmmmm

Multi-Colored Plastic = "kiddie"

IMHO, of coz LOL

toysrevil said...

"looks to be the only female-Transformer thus far, innit?" - I hope you don't mean ever. Lets not forget about Arcee

or maybe i should've rephrased: "only female-transformer produced as a toy in this animated series thus far" ... hahahaha wish i had the inside scoop tho, but no, i cannot be sure if this'll be the only femme-bot released ... looking forward to an animated-Arcee figure too tho ...

iam118 said...

Have you guys seen the voice cast?

There's some TF: The movie voices coming back, weird al as Wrek Gar, and Bill Fagerbakke and Tom Kinney from Sponge Bob doing Bulkhead and Starscream.

toysrevil said...

cheers for the tip-off, iam118!

ya know what would be cool? an audio-files featuring all their voices? even if without images (WITH would be much better tho LOL) *cool*

Aris Zaril said...

Although I admit not all of the characters appeal to me, I do find some of them being made into rather interesting figures. Some look like they can't transform, but they do it perfectly! wow...

Yin Ning said...

sorry, I did not know my other comment showed up so please forgive me for the double post

Derrick J. Wyatt said...

I LOVE this blog! I think you have pics that even I have never seen!

Tyler said...

I'm so getting that Starscream and doing a head swap with a starscream with a better looking head; maybe classics.

I'm just not digging the long head look.

Mechagnome said...

These are some of the best transformer toys I have seen in a long time. They look very articulate and not nearly as boxy as some of the older and current models.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm still living in my teenage haydays, I'm a thirty something years old now and I'm so tempted to get these figures. Dam that Michael By movie, its got me thinking anything about transformers again.

Anonymous said...

scroll to the bottom of the page...

Jo said...

The toys are so cute!! gonna collect em all... :P

VTMMalkavian said...

Wow, this line looks awesome. Let's hope the show's producers are as dedicated as the toy designers. I've been disgusted with every Transformers series since Beast Machines, and I really want a cartoon to geek out over again. B-)

archaznable said...

Blitzwing and Lugnut really cool can't wait for these two on the toy shelves.

Pep Pep said...

well, I'm waching the show right now, and so far, nothing really great. Toys look good though. said...

There are a lot of new pics of these figures and new ones from the TF Animated line here:
(If you use them here please give some credit to, Thanks.)

Also, folks seem to be interested in what size these toys are. This has never been released in one place, nor has Hasbro released a comprehensive list, but here's the most up-to-day we've got:

Transformers Deluxe Animated Assortment
Optimus Prime (Cybertron mode)
Megatron (Cybertron mode)
Oil Slick

Transformers Animated Voyager Assortment
Optimus Prime (Earth mode)
Sentinel Prime
Megatron (Earth mode)

Transformers Leader Assortment

I help run a dedicated TF site, but you've got a really nice overview of the line that I often refer people to when I want to give them a quick reference. Thanks for putting this together I dig the blog.

Jason said...

Check out:
For the first pics of the Blitzwing toy. It's looking pretty cool, but I'm not to thrilled about the prominence of the tank treds in jet mode. Here's hoping they've got it transformed wrong.

toysrevil said...

I'm sorry folks but Ima gonna haveta disable comments for this particular post, becoz the influx of spam is getting too ridiculous to handle.

As much as I do appreciate headsup and tips - perhaps a PM would work better in this respect (credit will be given, 'natch :p).


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