deep powder edition images to whet your bramble-appetites


Delish-snaps of DEEP POWDER Edition 1/6-scaled BRAMBLE posted on Bambablog (Note: the Brambles look darker here than they are). Creator Ashley Wood also mentions: "No other Bramble will offered anytime soon, so please don't think I'm gonna offer a different version next week etc, we have another 3A fig to release next, then more Brambles."


Produced by 3A Toys, the 15-inch tall MK2 Bramble Deep Powder Edition is limited to 200-sets [blogged] and is priced @ US$250 (shipped via EMS Courier) with order placed in the first 48-hours to receive a signed giclee print. Pre-order @ begins September 30 (4:00 PM PT / 23:00 GMT) and/or October 1st (9:00 AM AEST) for a mid-October 2008 ship.

...So did you folks notice the blank BERTIE at above-image left? *WHOOP*
/// CLICK THRU for more mirrored pics :p


[Note: Some images have been reformatted on my end - for layout purposes]

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bighatdino said...

Whoah. I completely ignored Deep Powder as the initial shots just didn't look great but this?! Wow, awesome!

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