BAN2 aka DELI167 Reps Concrete Immortalz

PRESS: Elite Gudz only has two videos left in a series starring graffiti's most iconic and prolific artists as they join the ranks as official Concrete Immortalz. The second to last video features BAN2, one of the old school pioneers of subway art. [CLICK THRU for rest of press-release]

PRESS-CONTINUED: Hailing from the Bronx county of New York City, BAN started writing graffiti in 1976. Growing up next door to the legendary NOC 167, BAN would receive an education in graffiti writing that would lead him to become a legend himself, mainly known for his work on the 4 line and Broadway between 79'-80'. Check out what BAN had to say about the Concrete Immortalz as another section of the mural gets destroyed.

Originally painted at Tuff City Tattoo by Phetus and Such, the Concrete Immortalz mural was immediately destroyed by Cap, Cope2, T-Kid, Ban2, Indie and Cheez as a tribute to the real life actions that go on within the graffiti subculture.

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